General Manager’s Message

Bill Barnard, General Manager

Even though it has been a colder-than-normal winter here in the Valley, we still have some of the best weather in the country during this time of the year. The weather is what brings so many people back to PebbleCreek for the season and the community becomes an incredibly active place. In this month’s message, I thought I would take a moment to remind you about how much there is to do here.

I’ve said it before, if you are bored at PebbleCreek, you have not gotten out of the house. Our amenities are tremendous; we have two clubhouses, fitness centers, pools, libraries, restaurants, golf, a Creative Arts Center, the Renaissance Theater, meeting rooms, pickleball, tennis, bocce, softball, and a basketball court. We have more than 100 clubs from the Art Club to the Wine Club, and clubs for all of the letters of the alphabet in between. Two clubs that all PebbleCreek residents belong to are the Kare Bears and LifeLong Learning; both are incredible organizations run completely by volunteers and are always looking for more help, so please visit the club pages via the HOA website to learn more.

Visiting our incredible Creative Arts Center is always an inspiration. Some of the art and items in the Expressions Gallery look like they were taken straight from the Phoenix Art Museum, then you come to find out they were done by homeowners. If you have never painted, sculpted, quilted; worked with glass, wood, pottery, ceramics; or if you want to get better at scrapbooking, jewelry making, or taking photographs, these are just some of the activities offered through Creative Arts and their clubs. Be sure to remember the Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop for great gift ideas to buy for yourself or others.

If you want to explore your creative side through music, song, dance, acting, or performing, consider joining one of our performing arts groups. Their plays and performances are outstanding community favorites. There is something for all levels of interest, including working backstage. We also provide a variety of world class entertainment through our activities office. Premiere shows have included the Oak Ridge Boys, Texas Tenors, Herman’s Hermits with Peter Noone, the Gatlin Brothers, and more. They offer a wide range of tribute performances to include favorites like Elton John, Journey, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and more. The activities office also provides cultural opportunities with Cinema Society, bus trips to the theater and symphony, as well as fun outings to see our local sports teams – the Coyotes, Diamondbacks, Suns, and spring training baseball. There is truly something for everyone.

Finally, if it’s athletics you’re looking for, no matter your fitness level, there is something for you. Our two gym facilities offer cardio and weight equipment while our studios invite you to take yoga, strength, spin, and other classes. We offer the workout-on-your-own Wellbeats kiosk that has hundreds of guided workouts to do on your own. There are clubs that offer dance classes, ping pong, billiards, horseshoes, aqua volleyball, water aerobics, and much more. There are sports clubs such as pickleball, tennis, softball, and bocce. And as a true “golf guy,” I have to mention our wonderful golf courses. We have 54 holes of golf. Our Eagle’s Nest golf course is currently under renovation, but when it reopens in the fall, it will be much improved. The two Tuscany Falls golf courses are in great shape and handling our golf for now. Our PebbleCreek Golf Academy offers many great clinics and lessons to introduce you to the game or to just get your game in shape with our great golf staff. There are golf associations for 18-holers and 9-holers, both men and women, and our Putters Club for people just getting started or those returning or stepping away from the game.

There are so many activities here at PebbleCreek that I know I am failing to mention – card clubs, service, civic and public interest clubs, the Pet Companions Club, computer clubs, and on and on. There is a list available on the HOA website clubs page, at our clubhouse front desks, and in the activities office.

There are many theories on what keeps us young, but surely keeping your bodies and minds active plays a huge role. I hope you will think about all that we have to offer and take on something new today, next week, and beyond. As they say, you only live once, and I hope you live your best life here in PebbleCreek!