Game Nites

Traci Baker

As COVID-19 continued to keep folks sheltering at home, it couldn’t keep folks from socializing and enjoying TV Dinner Game Nites. Thanks to our recreation director, Melissa Kallett, the games were kept alive as she has conducted weekly ZOOM Game Nites for the past month. Each week, between 30-40 residents took part as they played true/false, majority rules, The Newlywed Game: sheltered at home edition, and two truths and a lie. While the games were fun, what was more enjoyable (and comforting) was seeing friends, old and new alike, on the Zoom screen. Players logged in on their home computer, laptops, iPads, or phones and then the games were on.

The ZOOM Game Nites will take a two-week hiatus as residents adjust to the gradual reopening of the community, but Melissa promises that they will return. Plans also are underway to reintroduce Pub Nite Trivia in Zoom format. Watch the Post and HOA website for more information.