FFF bowling luncheon

George Warden

Recently, Flair Friendship Fun Club in PebbleCreek (FFF) decided to try something a little different for our monthly luncheon. Bowl and eat at the same time.

This turned out to be one of our best luncheon events of the year. Many of our FFF members had not bowled in many years. We would take a bit of the delicious food, chit chat and step up to the bowling lane and roll a strike, spare or maybe a gutter ball.

The real challenge was bowling and eating before our food got cold. The conversations were so good throughout the afternoon most of us did not mind the length of time it took to finish a match. Everyone had a great time helping each other improve their bowling technique.

The hidden surprise was the great tasting bowling alley food. Most of us had carry outs to take home, because the serving portions were quite large.

This event was so popular that our membership insisted that we do this event real soon, which we did.

We will be visiting Uptown Alley in Surprise again in the near future. If you would like to join us on future events, contact us at fffsocialclub@yahoo.com and request our calendar of events.