Expressions Gallery – a new year

Sherry Blatner

First things first – We hope everyone enjoyed the handcrafted items you chose for them from the Gallery last year and we thank you for your generous patronage.

New for 2017 – Combination necklaces and scarf fasteners. Huh? Yup! Creativity rules in the Gallery with the New Year. Imagine a necklace of beautifully complementary beads; now think several strands – to be worn together or separately. Next, add a beautifully beaded metal scarf fastener to use as a signature pendant with your necklaces. So many variations; and just one purchase needed.

Lovely turned wooden bowls are fabulous to see, even better to own. One is crafted from walnut and cherry hardwoods. Both are of the Juglans genus of trees. Another is of purpleheart exotic wood and Birdseye maple; much sought after by woodworkers.

Once you locate the Nantucket Lightship Baskets for sale in the Gallery, you’ll be drawn to the placard providing a brief history of their origin which dates back to the 1860s. Save the time and expense of traveling to the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum in Massachusetts and stop by the Gallery.

I hate to say this, but don’t rush into the Gallery too quickly. Stop and browse the two print stands located in front of the Gallery display window. They are always stocked with lovely unframed prints and photographs by our community artisans.

Other new items – Try some goat milk soap; sounds so refreshing after a hard day shopping. Also new, crocheted bead choker necklaces in vibrant colors and secured by magnetic clasps. Personally, I would love the pattern for these!

No time left for dinner after your shopping junket? Purchase a fabric microwave potato bag. Guys, they include instructions.

Happy New Year, everyone! Looking forward to seeing you soon.