Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop – where is…?

Sherry Blatner

If you’ve been a loyal supporter of the Expressions Gallery in the past, you need to leave yourself plenty of time to browse the newly re-opened Gallery.

Not only are there new stock and new consigners, there has been a whirlwind of placement changes! Books to the left, note cards front and center, a jewelry display across from kitchen towels, now placed on a high rack. As we enter autumn on the 22nd, there will be even more stock brought in by vacationing Creekers and snowbirds.

Grandparents Day (created by Presidential Proclamation in 1978) is Sunday, September 9. Now hustle in early for your shopping needs; the Gallery is closed on the 9th. And be sure to buy your greeting cards at the Gallery as well. Some great ideas for this holiday (and if your grandkids are out of state or too young to be thinking of you – splurge on yourself) include a beautifully decorated antique-like glass bottle, his and her western jewelry, a mellow CD or a lovely wrap for cool evenings. Now, if you are expecting a grandchild, be sure to shop the baby corner stocked with cozy blankets and little one-piece outfits.

The Gallery had some different items in the jewelry displays. The ceramics crew has created astonishing one-of-a-kind pendants and necklaces. There are also many pendants in glass and stone. Some necklaces are made of fiber or use fiber “chains” to support a pendant. Look for the vibrant fiber tassel drop earrings in a wide array of colors. With jewelry, don’t forget to test your skill and mix and match pieces to fit your style. The Gallery has a supply of small trays for you to borrow while you shop and arrange choices of bracelets, earrings and necklaces on a neutral background to best select the right mix for you. And to store your jewels once you are home, select a fabulous wood box crafted in a variety of sizes and styles.

Once you finish circling the Gallery, enter the straightaway in the Creative Arts Center and enjoy the crafts of the various PC Art Clubs showcased in windows lining the halls. Many of these display items are also for sale. Just turn around and re-enter the Gallery for help. Staff is waiting to assist you.