Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop – a month long festival

Sherry Blatner

Starting today with the annual PebbleCreek Artists Holiday Fest hosted throughout the Creative Arts Center, we begin a month long festival of the creativity resident in PebbleCreek.

Won’t it be fun to buy a holiday gift in your very own sunny community and forward it to friends and family in the cold plains of the Midwest or the rainy/snowy climes of the Northeast? Be sure to mention that you planned your shopping adventure with sun bloc and drove a golf cart through the ‘hood’ to your neighborhood Gallery. Forget the madding crowds; shop, lunch and shop some more right at home.

If you’re remembering holiday ice shows, browse the beautiful glass offerings in the Gallery this season. Select from one-of-a-kind tree ornaments, glassware and jewelry. We are featuring many holiday-themed items in each category of craft. You’ll adore the tree ornaments featuring realistic dog breeds. These will be perfect for year-round decorations for a devoted pet owner.

If you choose to reminisce about cold nights before a roaring fire with drink in hand (it sounds so charming from 1,500 miles away), we can provide a substitute experience. Choose a lapghan (otherwise known as a lap robe) and scarf or shawl. Then select a charming piece of wall art to liven your mood and comfort your soul. Among the paintings on display are an oil work entitled, Wigwam Bar, a collage entitled Kimono, another collage that is very 3-dimensional entitled Porsche Gardens, (truly a great guy gift) and an oil work entitled Hawaiian Boat House.

New items include clip earrings for the ladies, fabric memory boards to display post-holiday photos, baby teething rings, ceramic utensil holders, diva golf towels with attaching hook and a ceramic wise new owl!

Wait until you check out the crooked tea pots that have whimsical charm. What a great conversation piece at your book club gatherings. Don’t forget to choose a PC-authored book to read and a PC-produced CD for background music. Then surprise everyone with a charming bookmark.

If you’ve been waiting all year for the annual art show featuring every craft honed here in the Creek, hurry in today. But remember to continue to shop throughout the month in the Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop for your additional gift and personal needs.

Gallery staff and artisans wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!