Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop – 13 is a lucky number

Photo by Cheryl Neel

Sherry Blatner

This month the Expressions Gallery celebrates its 13th birthday. The party was held early on December 1 when so many of you supported the Gallery and its artisans with record-setting purchases for one day. Many thanks. It was quite a festival and we all look forward to exploring our 14th year together.

To crystallize a renewed beginning please visit and enjoy a stunning display of glass objects in the Gallery showcase, the Glass Studio showcase and within the Gallery. Add sparkle to your home with decorative items in black and white glass or crystal wine bottle charms. Choose from many nightlights, platters, dishes, bowls or sun catchers.

Have you resolved to take better care of yourself this year? Explore the many “fitness” options available in the Creative Arts Center: take a class, join a club, become a consignor. You’ll truly feel rejuvenated. Guys, this includes you. Many a gentleman finds a great escape as a woodworker, glass maker or artist.

The baby center is featuring handmade animals to decorate a nursery, newborn sweater sets, small Afghans and car-carrier seat blankets. We also have a selection of handmade wooden toys, just like in the good old pre-plastic days of yore.

New Year may have come and gone, but it’s always party time in the Creek. Spoil a friend or yourself with a new piece of jewelry. We have gems suitable for every day; forget denims and diamonds, think denims and turquoise, copper, agate and ceramics.

Come browse the Gallery, poke in the corners, check the lower shelves and then stroll the halls. After all, with cold weather, some folks stroll a mall; you can stroll the Creative Arts Center. Feel free to poke your nose into the various studios and view artisans at work. They would love to share their craft and welcome you to a new beginning.