Employee of the Month

Communications Team

Heroic. Courageous. Amazing. Those are words that have been used to describe the two men, Phil Amack and Jim McAleer, that the HOA Board of Directors recently recognized as Employees of the Month at the June HOA Board Meeting. Below is the submission of their boss, John Singleton, Director of Community Services, used to describe why they should be considered for this recognition.

“On May 14, 2018 just before midnight, Patrolman Jim Garfolo passed out at the guardhouse and stopped breathing. Shift supervisor Phil Amack and Patrolman Jim McAleer checked Patrolman Garfolo and found he was not breathing and had no pulse. Having recently attended the PCHOA CPR class, they immediately began performing CPR until the arrival of the fire department. Patrolman Garfolo resumed a heartbeat and breathing just prior to the fire department’s arrival. Supervisor Amack and Patrolman McAleer were credited with saving Patrolman Garfolo’s life. I would like to nominate these two employees for Employees of the Month as well as for a life-saving award.”

As the award was presented to Phil Amack (Jim McAleer was not able to attend the presentation) by Bob Parks, PCHOA Vice President, all in attendance at the HOA Board Meeting gave a standing ovation. We are so thankful to have such quick-thinking and heroic men such as Phil and Jim working in our community!