Electronic newsletters are a hit

PebbleCreek Communications Team

You like us; you really, really like us!

Recently, a question was posed about whether or not many PebbleCreek residents were actually reading HOA weekly eNewsletters. We decided to do some research and found out that, yes, you are! The combined subscriber lists of people that have opted to receive Cheers!, PebbleNews and the Golf Blast comes to just over 11,000. Of those who receive the email newsletters, at least 60 percent open and read them each time they are received. In addition, 45 percent of the readers click through to visit the HOA website to read more information. These numbers are almost unheard of in email newsletter distribution. According to Constant Contact, a leader in email distribution programming, the industry standard is a 25 percent open rate and an 8 percent click-through rate, making our readership and open rates truly remarkable.

Some of you may be reading this wondering, what are these emails and where can I get them? PebbleNews is a weekly digest of links to recent announcements, what’s new on the website and upcoming events at PebbleCreek. It’s sent as an email newsletter to subscribers on Monday mornings every week. PebbleNews began in December 2013 as an e-Bulletin sent to Unit Reps for distribution to the homeowners in their units. We quickly realized how easily we could get important information out to all homeowners using this newsletter, so beginning January 2014 and thereafter, PebbleNews was sent weekly to all homeowners who wanted to receive it. If you have subscribed but are not receiving your copy, check your spam filter. If it’s not there, send a note to webadmin@pebblecreekhoa.org to make sure your current and correct email address is on file.

The other two important informational emails that we send out are Cheers! and the Golf Blast. Cheers! is a weekly eNewsletter that is sent every Friday morning and delivers the latest restaurant news directly to the inbox of anyone that has opted to receive it. The Golf Blast is sent whenever there is golf-related news. Sometimes this news is of interest to non-golfers as well, so you may consider signing up for this blast even if you don’t currently play golf.

You can sign up to receive PebbleNews, Cheers! or the Golf Blast by visiting the HOA website home page at www.pebblecreekhoa.org and by choosing the ‘Newsletters’ link under the Communications tab. You can also find archived copies of past editions of all three newsletters.

Happy reading!