Democratic Club participates in Majority Rules Game Night

Jan Race

The TV Dinner/Game Show Night on Thursday, May 17 provided our PebbleCreek Democratic Club members another chance to socialize and experience a fun night out. The game for the night was “Majority Rules,” where no question had a right or wrong answer, because ‘the majority rules.’ Our emcee, Melissa Kallett, would ask the audience a question and the answer that the majority of tables came up with was designated the point-winning ‘correct’ answer.

One example was “What is the secret to a long and happy marriage?” As you could expect, there were a variety of funny answers from “stay single” to “separate bedrooms” to “deafness,” but as the majority of tables answered, “Just say ‘Yes, dear’,” all the tables that gave that answer earned a point.

Even though many of our club members have left or will be leaving soon for the summer, we will have 20 people that join us for the June 21 game night. The title for that one is equally intriguing: “Liar, Liar.”