Cool ideas at Expressions Gallery

Sherry Blatner

This is the season to dream of cool places to visit, and what better place than the Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop? The gallery is stocked with items that will make your summer truly enjoyable.

Indulge in a small package of specialty goat milk soap. While languishing in your tub, relax to one of Nancy Davis’ Celtic harp CDs; Blossoms and Briars or Sequestered Beauty.

Once you’re relaxed, pick up a good book by a community author. Among the many choices are One More Hug by Art Blum, Shades of Glass by Clarence B. Parker, Gated and Guarded by Mike Shouse and The Dresden Manuscripts by David Wilson. You can actually create a small library of PebbleCreek authors.

Once you purchase a library bookcase (not at the Gallery) to hold your selections you can also place selected art pieces on the shelves. New to the Gallery are fabulous rockscapes entitled Western Arizona and Ice and Snow. Imagine gazing at stylized cuts of stone capturing the feel of mountaintops encased in snow and ice.

If cool thoughts bring on the shivers, wrap yourself in fine fabric scarves made of international fabrics. The colors and patterns of these scarves are fantastic and one of a kind.

Fully refreshed, try entertaining your friends wrapped in a wine-themed apron. Serve a beverage of your choice in wine glasses trimmed with beaded stems.

If you’re determined to venture outside, beyond the Gallery, first purchase a detachable sun visor. Also, grab a small tote with two handles that can be placed on the arms of a lounge chair, a bicycle or a walker.

Once you hurry home from your outdoor ventures, take the time to write your distant friends in mountain climes on your beautiful new note cards with linen envelopes. Let them know what a cool time you’re having in the Creek!

Two Business Notes:

1. For residents facing hair loss due to medical treatment, Knimble Kneedles is gifting crocheted beanies to Kare Bears for free distribution. Colors are available for both men and women. Just stop in at the Kare Bears House and volunteers will assist you.

2. December 2 – Artist Fest – Sign up as a gallery consignor; takes five minutes, and then sign up for a place at the festival. Gallery staff is waiting to help.