Christmas Animated Toy Show on display

Bob Young

If you plan to look at the lights and decorations this holiday season by yourself or in a group, with or without grandchildren, please be sure to stop over and enjoy our 2018 Unit 34 Christmas Animated Toy Show. Your grandchildren will love it. The shows are non-stop every day from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. starting on Monday, December 3. Call me and we can set up a special time to fit your schedule especially if you have grandchildren visiting.

The Christmas Animated Toy Show will be at 3545 N 162nd Lane (Tuscany side take Clubhouse Drive to Sarival, turn right on Sarival to Monterey. Take right on to Monterey then left on 162nd Lane.) The display is on your right about five houses. Other houses in Unit 34 are also decorated for your pleasure. Children of all ages enjoyed our show so much last year we decided to invite our performers back to entertain you. Performers include Santa, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Rudolph and many others, plus a few new characters that want to entertain you. All performers are powered by Energizer batteries and keep going and going and going. Some of the animated toys light up, all sing and dance. The display itself will be lit so you can enjoy it during the day and after dark. Instructions will be displayed on site. Hope to see you there.