Do you care for one of the 33,785 Arizonans diagnosed with cancer every year?

Barbara Kavanagh does, and is dedicated to cancer caregiver education!

“Multiple myeloma.” Those were the words Barbara Kavanagh heard 26 years ago when oncologists diagnosed her husband, Jack.

“That began my journey into the unknown”, said Kavanagh. “After the shock wore off I made it my mission to share what I know with all cancer caregivers so their experiences are easier than mine. That is why I conduct, through my charity, cancer caregiver seminars throughout the year.”

When cancer invades the home suddenly everyone becomes a cancer caregiver, including friends and neighbors. “Everyone caring for a cancer patient needs to come to our seminars for their own health and wellbeing!” Kavanagh said.

Every seminar is free to the public. Attendees walk away knowing how to advocate for their loved one and have an opportunity to talk with local resources that can help.

“I really hope people caring for a cancer patient join us on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at the Embassy Suites Hilton at Stonecreek Golf Course,” Kavanagh said. The topic is “Helping your loved one deal with side effects.” Register now at and do something good for yourself, the cancer patient and the family.

Cancer Caregivers Education Program (CCEP) seminars deliver practical knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to effectively care for the cancer patient and themselves. CCEP is now available as a customized program for companies and healthcare organizations that want to help employees struggling with cancer.

We rely on donations to keep up the great work that has an immediate impact on seminar attendees. Unfortunately, cancer can happen to anyone! Donate at today.

Barbara Kavanagh, MSW President and Founder of Arizona Myeloma Network, AzMN a Glendale Arizona 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2005, FIN 32-0169742 can be reached at 623-466-6246 or by email at or You can visit the website or for more information