Card Scores

Duplicate Sanctioned Bridge

Kathy Bergman

We are all aware of how important Alzheimer’s research is as we age. Our PebbleCreek Duplicate Sanctioned Bridge club helped raise funds to support research of this dreadful disease. In April we collected cash donations and raffled off donated items to raise funds. The ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) has a longest day bridge event every year on June 21 and our club joined in the participation to raise awareness of this disease. This year we exceeded our $3000 goal by collecting a fantastic amount of $4019. Wonderful thanks to all our members who donated time and money to the Alzheimer’s research. Great job!

June 2018 Sanctioned Duplicate results:

Winners at the Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday Sanctioned Duplicate games are as follows in rank order (games are overall winners unless North/South and East/West are shown separately.

06/01: One Winner Movement: 1st Glenn and Sue Woodard, 2nd Kathy Bergman/Judy DeKalb, 3rd Enid Bross/Rosalie Gunnlaugsson.

06/04: N/S Michaele Olesen/Ron Payton, Enid Bross/Kate Tracy, Ray and Shay Kinney. E/W Kathy Bergman/Sue Woodard, Rosalie Gunnlaugsson/Susan McAniff, Mary Lou Cralle/Barbara Wold.

06/05: N/S Kathy Bergman/Judy DeKalb, Glenn Woodard/Dick DeKalb, Cheryl LaMotta/Steve Harper. E/W Vi Metter/Shay Kinney, Kate Tracy/Jackie Wielgosz, Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley.

06/11: One Winner Movement: 1st Enid Bross/Kate Tracy, 2nd Judy DeKalb/Teddi Painter, 3rd Cheryl LaMotta/Pat Smith.

06/12: N/S Teddi Painter/Jennifer Betts, Chris Mucha/Kate Tracy, Pat Smith/Enid Bross. E/W Barbara Wold/Mary Lou Cralle, Vi Metter/Shay Kinney, Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley.

06/18: N/S Cheryl LaMotta/Irene Bates, Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley. E/W James and Sharon Pucelik, Shay Kinney/Chris Mucha.

06/19: N/S Pat Smith/Enid Bross, James and Sharon Pucelik, Shay Kinney/Vi Metter. E/W Kate Tracy/Chris Mucha, Jennifer Betts/Teddi Painter, Chuck and Dee Ransom.

06/25: N/S Enid Bross/Irene Bates, Rosalie Gunnlaugsson/Susan McAniff, Ray and Shay Kinney. E/W James and Sharon Pucelik, Sue Woodard/Stephanie Tinsley, Ron Payton/Michaele Olesen

06/26: N/S James and Sharon Pucelik, Sue Woodard/Larry Monroe, Penny Gehrmann/Marjorie Scherer. E/W Chuck and Dee Ransom, Rosalie Gunnlaugsson/Susan McAniff, Kathy Bergman/Judy DeKalb.

June Saturday Novice Game

06/09: One Winner Movement: 1st Chuck and Dee Ransom, Judy Bosch/Syd Mersereau, Judy DeKalb/Teddi Painter

06/16: N/S Barbara MacFarlane/Penny Gehrmann, Syd Mersereau/Susan McAniff. E/W Kathy Stumbo/Kathy Bates, Chuck and Dee Ransom.

06/23: One Winner Movement: 1st Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley, 2nd Judy Bosch/Jo Carley, 3rd Chuck and Dee Ransom.

06/30: Team Game: 1st Syd Mersereau, Susan McAniff, Jo Carley, And Judy Bosch. 2nd Dwight and Sharon Emery, Teddi Painter, Judy DeKalb.

Interested in joining our club?

Our Games are played in the Tuscany Falls card rooms and scheduled on:

*Mondays 1:00 p.m. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending.

*Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending.

*Thursdays 6:00 p.m. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending.

*Fridays 1:00 p.m. First and third Friday for months January through April. First Friday only for months June through December. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending. After these games we meet in the Tuscany Bar to socialize.

*Saturdays 9:00 a.m.-noon. Sessions for newcomers and beginner bridge players who have less than 300 Master points. The first Saturday of the month is a workshop where we review conventions, play practice hands and get individual help from directors. Other Saturdays are ACBL sanctioned games. All plyers get an Introduction to Duplicate Bridge book the first time they attend.

If interested in joining our club, please Contact Sue Woodard at or call her at 623-935-7327 or Judy Brown at or call her at 623-536-1386.


Skip Holmes

Half way through the year; hard to believe, but summer has just begun. It may be hot outside, but every Thursday night you’ll be cool as a cucumber when you are playing Pinochle at Tuscany Falls Clubhouse.


June 7 1st place: Rich Rugg 7,140; 2nd place: Glenn Grube 6,650; 3rd place: Stan Zdunczyk 6,480; Booby Prize: Joan Wallon 3,710

June 14 1st place: Illene Hodgdon 7,540; 2nd place: Bill Hodgdon 7,040; 3rd place: Bill McLindon 6,970; Booby Prize: Kim Holmes 3,460

June 21 1st place: Bob Tarabetz 6,900; 2nd place: Mary Ann Szakacs 6,480; 3rd place: Stan Zdunczyk 5,960; Booby Prize: Laura Szakacs 3,960

June 28 1st place: Skip Holmes 6,360; 2nd place: Max Townsend 5,890; 3rd place: Kirby VanNote 5,850; Booby Prize: Beverly Hume 4,010

You will find us every Thursday evening at the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, 6:30 p.m. sharp.


Sandy Clinton

Beat the heat and stay cool for a couple of hours, the Cribbage Club meets every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Sienna Room, Tuscany Falls. The Cribbage Club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of cribbage. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards please bring them with you.

Here is our winners report:

June 14: Denny Stoll, David Neukom and John “Hoot” Evers

June 21: Denny Stoll, Donna von Oy and Sandy Clinton

June 28: Sandy Clinton, Denny Stoll and Bob LaChapelle

July 5: Donna von Oy, John “Hoot” Evers and Bill Forshaw

For more information, please call Gary Lind 623-215-4601, Rich Rugg  623-856-5111 or Donna von Oy 623-935-1967.


Mary Ann O’Brien

The PC Euchre Club meets every Thursday evening in the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. We are always happy to welcome players to our group. Recently Dick Stewart joined us and though he hadn’t played in many years, he quickly remembered the game and is now winning prize money!

Recent winners are as follows:

June 14: 1st Bill Forshaw 66, 2nd Jim Hundt 63, 5 Lone Hands Tom Reynolds and Gil Butson managed to get his dollar back, since he had low score of 32

June 21: 1st Rosemary Rulka 62, 2nd Bob Ferro 55, 3 Lone hands Alex Potapoff and George Clark, Alex Elijew and Bill Halte 50 cents each for their low scores of 37

June 28: 1st Alex Potapoff 58, 2nd Bill Halte and Sandy Blackburn 54, 3 Loners Marilyn Luke and Monika Charlesworth and Bill Todd 37 for low score, another 50-cent split!

July 5: 1st Rosemary Rulka 71, 2nd Muriel Milewski 56, 5 Loners for Bill Halte and the new Bob F. had 31 for low.

July 12: 1st Monika Charlesworth 63, 2nd Dick Stewart 55, 3rd Barbara Clark 52, 3 Loners, Alex Potapoff and Linda Vise and low score Alex Elijew 30.

If you would like to join us, come to Eagle’s Nest on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Play starts at 7:00 p.m. sharp. Bring a dollar to play.