Building Bridges

Comity Advisors: Roberta Medina, George Warden, Beverly Kim, Mel Shipp, Roger Wong, Mary Thomas, with Dr. Matthew Whitaker

PebbleCreek is a special community. Homeowners come from many walks of life, from various parts of the United States and other countries and from a variety of life experiences. Each person brings a unique perspective on life and has demonstrated what it takes to be successful.

Homeowners choose to live in PebbleCreek because of the opportunity to live a safe, productive and active life in retirement. Clearly, PebbleCreek is a desirable place to live. It is a modern retirement community.

One of the hallmarks of modern retirement communities is their diversity. Indeed, modern retirement communities are more diverse than ever and they will become even more diverse in short order. Therefore, as planned communities continue to diversify, they look for ways to celebrate this diversity and look for ways to promote inclusion and happiness in the community.

With the support of the HOA Board, a new feature, entitled Building Bridges has been created in the PebbleCreek Post to support inclusiveness, expand our knowledge and appreciation of the range of life experiences in our community and provide a venue for promoting “comity” in PebbleCreek. Comity is defined as “courteous and considerate behavior toward others; it is the expression of mutual respect.” Articles for this column will be submitted by homeowners and include content on history of various cultural groups, significant events and observances of various groups and discussions of how to promote inclusiveness in a thriving community. All homeowners are invited to share information in this column.

The PebbleCreek HOA, with the support of a group of homeowners, the Comity Advisors, is embarking on an effort to promote inclusiveness and understanding by offering educational programs and social experiences for homeowners. To begin this effort, this summer a free presentation of the award-winning PBS documentary Race: The Power of an Illusion will be shown in the theater. The film historicizes the topic and answers sometimes uncomfortable questions, with data, perspective, and thought-provoking, but friendly narration. The program will be aired in three parts, each followed by a Q&A which will be facilitated by a leading diversity and inclusion professional and educator. Information on dates and times for the screening of the film will be forthcoming.

If you have questions about this effort to promote inclusiveness and understanding, please contact Mel Shipp  at