Bridge Results

PebbleCreek Duplicate Sanctioned Bridge

Kathy Bergman

Why Play Bridge? Bridge stimulates the brain. Bridge is one of the best ways to practice the “use it or lose it” advice for maintaining mental sharpness in older age. Research has shown that regular bridge playing improves reasoning skills and long-and–short term memory. You’ll feel the neurons firing not only while you play, but long after.

January 2018 Sanctioned Duplicate results:

Winners at the Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday Sanctioned Duplicate games are as follows in rank order (games are overall winners unless North/South and East/West are shown separately).

01/02: N/S Kathy Bergman/Don Downie, Teddi Painter/Dwight Emery, Kate Tracey/Jackie Wielgosz. E/W Susan McAniff/Rosalie Gunnlaugsson, Karen Sapp/Nan Perkins, Dave and Debbie Deal

01/04: N/S Kate Tracy/Jackie Wielgosz, Judy DeKalb/Jo Carley, Nan Perkins/Carole Mathias. E/W Kathy Bergman/Debbie Deal, Chris Mucha/Bill Ballard, Shay Kinney/Gen Hunter.

01/05: N /S Cathy Arst/Rob Rosenhart, Kathy Bergman/Judy DeKalb, Judy Brown/Jo Carley. E/W Pat Smith/Shay Kinney, Dave and Debbie Deal, Talis Abolins/Rosalie Gunnlaugsson.

01/08: N/S Mault Mathias/Don Downie, Geoff Goss/Mary Dolson, Pat Smith/Judy Brown. E/W Diana Wolf/Stephanie Tinsley, Irene Bates/Gen Hunter, Linda Smith/Shay Kinney

01/09: N/S Dave and Debbie Deal, Nan Perkins/Karen Sapp, Enid Bross/Sandy Kolls. E/W Jennifer Betts/Teddi Painter, William Schroeder/John Erkkila, Rosemary Vana/Phyllis Karp

01/11: N/S Bill and Joanne Korytowski, Enid Bross/Cheryl LaMotta, Chuck and Dee Ransom. E/W Kathy Bergman/Debbie Deal, Karen Klug/Norm Jacox, Shay Kinney/Gen Hunter.

01/15: N/S Enid Bross/Kate Tracy, Barbara Economou/Cheryl LaMotta, Shay Kinney/Linda Smith. E/W Bill and Joanne Korytowski, Dave and Debbie Deal, Bill Heng/Mault Mathias.

01/16: N/S Kathy Bergman/Mault Mathias, Georgia and Paul Messina, Dave and Debbie Deal. E/W Michaele Olesen/Ron Payton, Jennifer Betts/Teddi Painter, Shay Kinney/Vi Metter.

01/19: N/S Bob and Bonnie Bruce, Judy Brown/Jo Carley, Enid Bross/Linda Smith. E/W Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Cathy Arst/Dave Deal, Glenn and Sue Woodard.

01/22: N/S Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Cheryl LaMotta/Jackie Wielgosz, Carole Mathias/Sandy Kolls. E/W Dave and Debbie Deal, Bill Heng/Mault Mathias, Talis Abolins/Don Downie.

01/23: N/S Kathy Bergman/Mault Mathias, Dave and Debbie Deal, Judy DeKalb/Jo Carley. E/W Larry Monroe/Linda Smith, Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Sue Woodard/Georgia Jacka

01/25: N/S Debbie Deal/Don Downie, Nan Perkins/Carole Mathias, Chuck and Dee Ransom. E/W Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Larry Monroe/Linda Smith, Norm Jacox/Karen Klug

01/29: N/S Linda Smith/Shay Kinney, Janet and Roger Race, Sue Woodard/Kathy Bergman. E/W Joanne and Bill Korytowski, Dave and Debbie Deal, Jackie Wielgosz/Cheryl LaMotta

01/30: N/S Pat Smith/Bill Heng, Dave and Debbie Deal, Georgia and Paul Messina. E/W Larry Monroe/Linda Smith, Vi Metter/Shay Kinney, Georgia Jacka/Sue Woodard.

Saturday Novice Games:

01/13: N/S Karen Klug/Norm Jacox, Geoff Goss/Mary Dolson, Lynne and Rod Reese. E/W Judy DeKalb/Cathy Arst, Joe and Priscilla Naworski, Natalie Niemi/Teddi Painter

01/20: Georgia Messina/Andrea Reynolds, Susan McAniff/Syd Mersereau, Jerry and Kathleen Burch. E/W Jerry and Linda Larson, Judy DeKalb/Cathy Arst, Nancy Planck/Patti Richter

01/27: Team Game: 1st Chuck and Dee Ransom, Jerry and Stephanie Tinsley 2nd Dwight and Sharon Emery, Nancy and Steve Duncanson, 3rd Judy Bosch, Jo Carley, Caroline Davis, Linda Haider.

Interested in joining our club? Our games are played in the Tuscany Falls card rooms and scheduled on:

* Monday – 1:00 p.m. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending.

* Tuesday – 1:00 p.m. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending.

* Thursday – 6:00 p.m. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending.

* Friday – 1:00 p.m. First and third Friday for months January through April. First Friday only for months June through December. Open to all master point levels and games are stratified based on the players attending. After these games we meet in the Tuscany Bar to socialize.

* Saturday -9:00 a.m.-noon. Sessions for newcomers and beginner bridge players who have less than 300 Master points. The first Saturday of the month is a workshop where we review conventions, play practice hands and get individual help from directors. Other Saturdays are ACBL sanctioned games. All players get an “Introduction to Duplicate Bridge” book the first time they attend.

If interested in joining our club, please contact Sue Woodard at or call her at 623-935-7327, or Judy Brown at or call her at 623-536-1386.

Monday Non-Sanctioned Bridge

Sandy Blackburn

Pairs Duplicate Bridge (non-sanctioned) meets every Monday at 12:15 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Palm Room. For more information call Sandy Blackburn, 536-8062. The following winners are for the indicated dates:

1/8: N/S 1st Art/Sylvia Lewis; 2nd Kevin/Fran McManus; 3rd Ruth/Gary Lord; E/W 1st Pat Anselmo/Dennis Yacobson; 2nd Sherry/John Apter; 3rd Mark Hyman/Jerry Schechtman.

1/15: N/S 1st John Macdonald/Jean Goodin; 2nd Jean Edwards/Kay Bauman; 3rd Kevin/Fran McManus; E/W 1st Alice Jackse/Judy Nelson tied with Gretchen Martin/Peggy Richardson; 3rd Phyllis/Dan Hollihan.

1/22: N/S 1st Art Lewis/Mary Katherine Anderson; 2nd Jerry Schechtman/Mark Hyman; 3rd Evelyn Mercer/Sylvia Robinson; E/W 1st Arline/Arnie Cronquist; 2nd Karin Lyon/Sandy Blackburn; 3rd Ann Rohlman/Anita Asp.

1/29: N/S 1st Ann Rohlman/Nancy Duncanson; 2nd Kevin/Fran McManus; 3rd Curt Kohlman/Howard Julien; E/W 1st Kay Bauman/Jean Edwards; 2nd Peggy Richardson/Gretchen Martin; 3rd Jean Goodin/John Macdonald.

Wednesday Afternoon Pairs Bridge

Darlene Finnegan

Pairs bridge meets every Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Palm Room. For more information, call Darlene Finnegan at 444-6343. The following winners are for the indicated dates:

January 3, 2018: 1st, Fran and Kevin McManus; 2nd, Helen and Larry Vierow; 3rd, Dwight Emery and Teddi Painter.

January 10, 2018: 1st, Jean Goodin and John Macdonald; 2nd, Leslie and Rob Rozenhart; 3rd, Karen and Larry Harris.

January 17, 2018: 1st, Ruth and Gary Lord; 2nd, Fran Wichers and Fred Schwartz; 3rd, tie, Bev Eckes and Art Lewis and Linda and Jerry Larson.

January 24. 2018: 1st, Pat Anselmo and Dennis Yacobson; 2nd, Darlene Finnegan and Patti Murphy; 3rd, Arline and Arnie Cronquist.

January 31, 2018: 1st, John Macdonald and Jean Goodin; 2nd, Edie Hoechst and Bev Eckes; 3rd, Fran and Kevin McManus.