Breast Cancer Discussion Group celebrates life

Breast Cancer Discussion Group members.

Breast Cancer Discussion Group members.

Rayma Scalzo

On Oct. 24, The PebbleCreek Breast Cancer Discussion Group had its regularly scheduled meeting. This time, however, the group wanted to do something different as October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was a fun meeting with Dr. Rich Shildt, Oncologist, speaking about how survival rates have greatly improved through the years. Each member wore a tag saying how long it had been since their original diagnosis. Times ranged from one month to 27 years. A special thanks to Pat Chernow and Mary Hill for making the meeting extra special!

Due to the holidays, our next meeting is on Thursday, Dec. 12, at 10 a.m. This date will replace the normally scheduled meeting held on the fourth Thursday of the month. We are pleased that once again, Dr. Shildt will be there to address questions or concerns.

The purpose of our group is to provide support through sharing of common experiences and knowledge and to let you know you’re not alone. If you’ve found a breast lump or mass and don’t know what to do, please call us. If you are facing possible surgery, recovering from surgery, thinking about reconstruction, or just need someone to talk to, please call us. If you are a long-term survivor, we’d like to have you join us too. Your experience and knowledge can help newly diagnosed members get through their treatment. You may also learn a few things along the way that you might find helpful.

A special gift may be waiting for you!

It is so important that we hear from any residents who have surgery pending as we have a special pillow, made by the PebbleCreek Quilters, that we would like to give to you. The ladies who have used the pillows say they offer so much comfort immediately following surgery or reconstruction. If you call us, we want you to know the conversation will be kept confidential. You do not have to become a member of our discussion group to receive one so please don’t miss out on this wonderful gift. A special thanks to the quilters for making this gift possible.

For more information, location of the meeting or to receive a pillow, please call Rayma at 623-935-1819 or email her at [email protected] We’d love to have you join us for lunch at Toscana’s following the meeting. It is a great way to chat with others who are going through or have gone through the same journey.