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Even the Wednesday day team, M-T Nesters, took the time to send this important bocce announcement.

Even the Wednesday day team, M-T Nesters, took the time to send this important bocce announcement.

Carolyn Rota, PR

Let’s see what is new in the world of bocce. Well, not much. It’s hot, the snowbirds flew the courts, and those who stayed flock to the pools. However, there are some hardy players who manage to make it to the courts at night and toss a few balls. So, here are some things to remember when using the courts at the Sports Building. The courts belong to the community. Homeowners and visitors may reserve bocce courts for up to 90 minutes. There is a sign-up book on the counter in the EN Sports Complex building next to the bocce courts where you can reserve a court. To reserve a Sunrise Park court, write in the sign-up calendar in the ladies’ restroom at the Sunrise Park Pavilion.

The calendar for the 2019/2020 league sessions is available at the clubhouses, the PebbleCreek Post and online at the PC website. It is also in the glass case at the EN Sports Complex building. There will be a bocce clinic for new player members, held about a week prior to the start of the fall league. Date and time will be posted in the Sports Complex glass case, in the PebbleCreek Post September article and sent out on the PC email group.

IMPORTANT FYI: Last year, the weather did not cooperate and we had numerous days of flooded courts. When the courts are wet, playing on them causes deterioration of the courts’ rugs. You might have also seen bubbles in areas on the rug after the rain stops. This year, the Bocce Board decided that it will be responsible for deciding when to close the courts by placing a “COURTS CLOSED” sign in a frame located on the court’s shed. Teams that play a scheduled league game when the courts are closed will forfeit those games. All rained out games need to be rescheduled.

Hopefully, over the summer the coverings over the accessible entrance boards to the courts will be replaced. These removable boards are to accommodate residents who have limited mobility. It allows them to proceed directly onto the courts without having to go over any type of barrier. Now, let’s hope the rabbits don’t eat the coverings before we start up again in the fall.

NOTE: Current teams, players looking to start their own teams and all the newbies who would love to try their hand at playing bocce: Now is the time to make a decision. Tuesday and Thursday nights are filling up fast, so Wednesday and Friday mornings would be a great way to start off your days. If interested, call Angela Petter, registrar, at 623-215-3146.

Wishing all of you the best of health and the safest of travel during the summer months. See you in the fall.