A banner month for the Pottery/Sculpture Club

Jeff Wilson

February was a particularly great month for the Pottery/Sculpture Club of PC.

It started off with an invitation from the Creative Arts Center to display pottery/sculpture projects in the shared display cases for the second time in three months.

Next, at the annual meeting it was announced that our membership has grown to around 110 members and with pottery classes being taught every month, we are growing by eight to ten new members each month. Because of this success, the 2017 board members; Kathy Sork president, Jo Clemens vice president, Judy Hale secretary, and Terry Wilson treasurer were re-elected unanimously to serve another term.

Pottery/sculpture classes will be taught on a rotating basis and include; handmade pottery, clay and mixed media jewelry, extruded clay pottery, mask making and portrait bust sculpture.

Sign-ups for all future classes will be in the CAC Expressions Gallery.

All PC residents are invited to visit the pottery room to see what your friends and neighbors are creating.