Art For Sale

Pastel still life by Nancy Stifter.

Pastel still life by Nancy Stifter.

Charlene Romanos

Artists are creators, designers, and fabricators, who work in every medium from paint to photography, pencils to clay, oil, acrylic, watercolors, and everything in between. When you purchase a piece of art from the artist, you are buying much more than just an object or painting. You are buying a vision from their creative mind, something accomplished after days, weeks, and months of hard work. After hundreds of hours of failures, experimentation, self-doubt, and frustration, there comes a moment of exhilaration and joy when their art piece is finally completed.

When you buy art, you buy a piece of “heart”, a part of a “soul”, a portion of someone’s life, and you’re buying the artist more time and resources, enabling them to continue with their passionate creative life.

We invite you to join the members of the PebbleCreek Art Club when they present their rousing new works at the 2019 Fall Art Show, Sunday, November 10, in the Tuscany Falls, Chianti Room from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Spend the afternoon enjoying the exciting and inspiring works of the many dedicated and creative artists living amongst us. Some new sensational items will be part of this year’s show, so be sure to check October’s PebbleCreek Post and our website ( for more information.