Annual Eagle’s Nest Christmas Caroling Returns with a Twist

Patti Wegehaupt, Activities Coordinator

Yes, Thursday, Dec. 10 is the day we will host our annual Christmas Caroling for Our Shut-Ins on the Eagle’s Nest side. We have added a new little twist; a parade! Come join us for an event that will get us all in the spirit of the Christmas season by participating in the golf cart parade and caroling for our shut-ins. Only the carolers will be permitted to participate in the parade; they will travel around Robson Circle for all of the residents of Eagle’s Nest. The parade will start at approximately 3:15 p.m. on Dec. 10.

If you want to join the EN Carolers as a singing participant, contact Patti Wegehaupt at or 623-535-9854. Please email her your name, phone number, and email address. The last day for sign-up will be Dec. 1. You will be contacted on a first come, first served basis. Remember, you will be assigned to a team. You may not be with your friends, but you will meet new friends! Everyone who plans on attending must email Patti, so we have an accurate number. The first 50 will be guaranteed a spot for caroling.

Please decorate your golf cart, wear a mask, and be ready to practice social distancing and use provided disinfectant wipes. All participants are asked to bring a store-bought package of cookies; you can put a ribbon or a wrap around them. Carolers will gift the cookies to the shut-in when they visit their homes to sing after the parade. We will supply the plastic-coated song sheets for the carolers. Your team leaders will pass them out in the parking lot and collect them after the event when we all return to the parking lot.

Timing for this event is as follow:

1. You must sign up by Dec. 1 if you want to join the carolers. You must have a mask, decorated golf cart, be ready to apply social distancing, and bring a package of store-bought cookies.

2. Arrive at the parking lot across from the Activities Office on the Eagle’s Nest side by 2:45 p.m. with the requested supplies.

3. At 3 p.m., all carolers with their decorated golf carts will form a parade line with their leader. The parade route will be around Robson Circle. We hope all residents (non-carolers) will head to Robson Circle to view the parade as it passes by. Park your cars on the side streets off Robson Circle, or walk to Robson Circle and stand on the curb to watch the parade.

4. After the parade, all carolers in their golf carts return to the same parking lot and get back in their team line. Once everyone has returned from the parade, we will then release the teams to go to their assigned homes to sing Christmas carols and spread Christmas cheer and spirit to all.

5. When each team has completed their list, they will return to the same parking lot so all song sheets can be cleaned and collected.

If you know a shut-in we can visit and bring some cheer to, please contact Ane Aune at or 408-207-6398. Please submit the names of the shut-ins by Dec. 1. We need their name, address, and phone number.

It promises to be the event of the season. Join us by watching the parade, singing with the Christmas carolers, and bringing the Christmas spirit and cheer to all of Eagle’s Nest.

Annual Golf Cart Caroling festivities for the Tuscany Falls side will be announced separately.