A Smashing Success

George Warden

The Flair Friendship Fun Social Club in PebbleCreek (FFF) pulled out all of the stops to create a massive Extravaganza. It was truly A Masquerade Ball in Paris at the Moulin Rouge.

FFF collected over 600 pounds of canned goods the night of the Masquerade Ball. Saint Mary’s Food Bank advised us that this will feed 500 veterans for one day.

The veterans that we spoke to were very grateful that FFF sponsored the Food Drive. They thanked FFF for having such great community spirit.

The Moulin Rouge Art Gallery was another great success. The paintings and sculptures were outstanding. There was a wide variety to choose from and guests made their own arrangements to procure items of their choice.

The mysterious Phantom opened the Ball with a grand entrance that held the guests spellbound as it circled the dance floor with an interpretive ceremonial dance. This really wowed the crowd.

The food was outstanding. PebbleCreek catering created special recipes for our event; not the run of the mill that you may get at other events – maybe that is why our guests wanted our recipes.

The dance floor was crowded all night long. The music was non-stop. Our guest MC Chuck Williams kept things moving all evening.

The Grand Prize was awarded to the oldest veteran in the ballroom. After going around the room a few times, Doug Bannochie emerged as the oldest veteran.

Doug is 86 years old; he got a standing ovation for his service.

As the evening came to an end, the final song that was played, The Masquerade is Over, was very fitting for a great evening of fun.