A new year of Bible studies

Larry Sessoms

With the return of snowbirds and commencement of so many fall activities, here is one more for you to consider. Once again, the PebbleCreek Community Church (PCCC) is sponsoring a bounty of small group Bible studies, reaching out to the diverse Christian population within our community. Led by dedicated volunteers who serve as leaders, groups are organized for women, for men, and mixed groups. Some follow study guides with DVDs, some focus on meeting men and women of the Bible and gathering for prayer, and some simply take a book of the Bible and read one chapter each week with discussion over coffee and donuts. Most meetings take place in homes where the atmosphere is welcoming and the conversation is encouraging.

Anyone can join a study group. Our community church is a gathering of diverse backgrounds. It is a melting pot of denominations who come together in one congregation, and all are welcome. We learn from each other and share what the Lord is doing in our lives. We are all a work in progress—some have been in small groups for years, and others are looking for this new experience.

A summary of the different studies coordinated by our education committee appears on our website, which also lists the leader who can be contacted for additional information. Come try us out and meet others, with no obligation. Of course, all are also welcome at our regular services starting at 9 a.m. each Sunday in the Eagle’s Nest Ballroom. Our services are always followed by a period of fellowship over coffee and snacks with Pastor Bob Ripley and his wife Peggy who are residents within our community. www.pebblecreekchurch.org.