2018 PC Pickleball Championship!

Pam Smith

The 2018 Club Championship for PebbleCreek Pickleball Club was held on March 23, 24 and 25—Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Men’s Doubles. It was three beautiful days of great playing. Skill levels ranged from 2.5-5.0. There was a tremendous turnout from our members and volunteers, referees and spectators. Special thanks to Alex Potapoff for coordinating this event. Great job!

Day one of the club championship was March 23 for Women’s Doubles. Play was outstanding all day. Congratulations to all of the players. Your winners are the following:

Women’s Doubles 2.5 Gold, Debra Bernhardt and Marka Locker; Silver, Leslie Lamiell and Dannie Cortez; Bronze, Karen Mack and Linda Coogan

Women’s Doubles 3.0 Gold, Lynn Banks and Wendy Creason; Silver, Tammy Chicklero and Cindy Finnegan; Bronze, Doreen Cooke and Susan Rudroy

Women’s Doubles 3.5 Gold, Candy Rickard and Robin Weaver; Silver, Martha Urbin and Terry Hamm-Morris; Bronze, Kathy Hubert-Wyss and Sarah Marsh

Women’s Doubles 4.0 Gold, Melodie Boyer and Kim Ebert; Silver, Renee deLassus and Andrea Dilger; Bronze, Traci Buckingham and Darlene Walker

Women’s Doubles Open Gold, Heidi Farrell and Lynn Lionhardt; Silver, Jill Lewis and Mary McConaughey; Bronze, Maggie Charlton and Terri Reed.

Day two of the club championship was March 24 for Mixed Doubles. The wind gusts were strong but play remained outstanding all day. Congratulations to all of the players. Your winners are as follows:

Mixed Doubles 3.0 Gold, Liz Young and Scott Stewart; Silver, Lynn Banks and Gregg Herriford; Bronze, Mike and Cindy Finnegan

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Gold, Sheri Burns and Steve Hanlon; Silver, Candy Rickard and Troney Hutchins; Bronze, Paula Tlachac and Steve Cain

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Gold, Mark and Traci Buckingham; Silver, Rick Watson and Andrea Dilger; Bronze, Mike Sausser and Renee deLassus

Mixed Doubles 4.5 Gold, Dick Burns and Maureen Dolan; Silver, Steve and Darlene Walker; Bronze, Wade Johnson and Mary McConaughey

Mixed Doubles 5.0 Gold, Heidi Farrell and Alex Potapoff; Silver, Jill Lewis and Jim Barbe; Bronze, Lynn Lionhardt and Dan Schuler.

Day three of the club championship was March 25 for Men’s Doubles. There was great pickleball played all day. Congratulations to all of the players who participated. Your winners are:

3.0 Men’s Doubles Gold, Scott Stewart and Scott Sutton; Silver, Bart Cook and Jeff Renard; Bronz, Phil Dugan and David Kremsdorf

3.5 Men’s Doubles Gold, Barry Fish and John Brown; Silver, Steve Cain and Bob Chester; Bronze, Byron Knapp and Tony Wells

4.0 Men’s Doubles Gold, Mike Sausser and Richard Margison; Silver, Terry TerHaar and Gordon Cooper; Bronze, Don Foster and Bill Roehrs

Open Men’s Doubles Gold, Bill Pardue and Justin Rodgers; Silver, Kerry Krueger and Jim Barbe; Bronze, Scott Johnson and Alex Potapoff.