2017 T.T.T. Convention

Laurie Overson

The National Convention of the T.T.T. Society was held in Phoenix in October. It was chaired by Emma Mosley and Edrena Alexander of Arizona Chapter Q, and what a great job they did! Pictured are several of the Arizona Chapter P contingents on Western Night; left to right are Laurie Overson, Christy Zemke, Claudia Clarkson, Carol Horan, Bonita Sims and Becky Gardner.

Chapter P wants to take this opportunity to thank all those friends, relatives, acquaintances and other kind souls who so generously supported our poinsettia fundraiser. Red will probably always remain the most popular color, but some of your homes will be graced by the dramatic white ones. With these lovely plants there are bound to be some beautifully decorated homes this holiday season.

Please know that along with getting some great, healthy plants, you are also assisting us in creating some great, healthy girls by enabling them to grow and flourish as T.T.T. Campers at accredited summer camps. You are truly helping to make a positive difference in young lives and we offer you our sincere thanks. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season.

And don’t forget that Butter Braids will return in the spring.