Update on the 2018-2019 PCLGA Board

Deanna Mendiola

The PebbleCreek Ladies Golf Association (PCLGA) Board is made up of Marilyn Reynolds, President; Chanca Morrell, Vice President; Kathleen Carney, Secretary; Linda Sweet, Treasurer; Vicki Norrie and Judy Layton, Tournament Directors; Carol Sanders and Linda Thompson, Co-chairs, Tuesday Play; Barbara Chilton, Handicap Chair and Judy Hauser, Parliamentarian.

The board took office in June 2018 and their first priority was to develop a survey to identify what members wanted on a variety of pertinent topics. With thanks to PCLGA member Layne Sheridan’s incredible expertise and leadership on this project and the amazing response rate of 81.2%, the board has a clear picture of what is important to the membership. The survey responses are used as the guiding light for the board in making changes and decisions.

Special recognition goes to the co-chairs of Tuesday Play, Carol Sanders and Linda Thompson and Tournament Directors, Judy Layton and Vicki Norrie. These four women have enhanced the roles and responsibilities of their respective areas to ensure all events meet members’ expectations. Their commitment to conquer the challenging Golf Genius live scoring program and present fun and fair events week after week, plus support and guide the major tournament chairs is beyond spectacular! And, behind the scenes, backing up this huge effort are the Technology Directors, Sharon Johnson and Chanca Morrell.

Marilyn Reynolds, PCLGA President, highly praises all of the board, committee chairs and representatives on their continuing dedication and commitment to improving the association. The amount of work done by this extraordinary group of talented women is mind-boggling and deeply appreciated. When you see any of the PCLGA board members, please give them a pat on the back. They all certainly deserve it!