Pickleball Players Make 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Cynthia Schwartz

Bright and early on New Year’s Day, the pickleball courts were filled with players who were getting in a few games before heading off to spend time with family and friends. The chatter between games was about making new year resolutions. We compiled a list of what we heard on the courts!

1. I will be patient.

2. I will always serve the ball deep.

3. I will return the ball deep to my opponent.

4. I will play the ball to the stronger player during social play.

5. I will always be encouraging to my partner.

6. I will be patient.

7. I will call the ball on every shot so my partner knows what I am doing.

8. I will take no winner before it’s time, but when it’s time, I will take it.

9. I will be a good communicator with my partner.

10. I will be patient.

11. I will not stick my backhand in front of my partners forehand and mess them up.

12. I will always have fun and remember pickleball is a game.

13. I will not run wildly to the net before I hit a good drop shot.

14. I will not run wildly to the net before my partner hits a good drop shot.

15. I will move with my partner like we were tethered together.

16. I will not run backwards.

17. I will follow the pickleball code of conduct and call balls “in” that I do not see as clearly being “out”.

18. I will be patient.

19. I will not coach or offer advice to others without asking them if they want my input.

20. I will not try to hit every ball hard and I will learn to dink.

21. I will remember the score during the game.

22. I will learn to hit a third shot drop shot.

23. I will practice and drill as much as I play.

24. I will always approach the net at the end of a game with a smile on my face and an outstretched paddle, win or lose.

25. I will be patient.