Pet of The Month: My Name is Mini Pearl

Vanessa Hargreaves

This is Pearl, my little gem. She is an eighteen-month-old female Maltese I purchased from a breeder in Gilbert, AZ. After losing both of my Maltese within seven months, first my male “Max” then my female “Mini”, it was unbearable. So, it only seemed appropriate to get a new best friend.

My good friend and ceramics club instructor, Sharon Pelikan, with a comedic sense of nostalgia, joked that I should call her “Mini Pearl” in recognition of the female comedian from the country comedy show, Hee Haw. I am sure many of you remember her. I certainly do.

When I take little Mini Pearl to art classes with me, everyone is so happy to see her. She’s very happy, especially when meeting new people. She is very active, very loving, and snuggles with me in my bed at night. She is also my constant companion and often travels with me on some of my adventures.