Pet of the Month: Cheyenne is back

Cheyenne (Chy) Miller

Well, it’s been a few years since I was last featured in the PebbleCreek Post. That time, I was still a young pup willing to put up with whatever my dear owners, Scott and Bert, wanted to do, thus the clown picture. But now I am all grown up. In fact, I am turning 14 this coming June. Nothing much has changed with how I am willing to let my sweet owners take pictures of me, again showing my patience! Of course, there are many more, but you would probably be bored and say, “My dog and cat let me do that, too!”

The years have been great growing up in PebbleCreek land! I have met many dogs such as Oreo, Dusty, Beast, Rosie, Blue, Happy, Sugar, Buddy, Archie, Boot, Peanuts, Luna, Teddy, Romeo, Bogie, Kenzie, Penny and Sophie along with the neighborhood bunnies, quail and coyotes. Of course, a few have left and are now in Dog Heaven which I understand is a wonderful place. Lots of space to run without leashes, as many treats as you want and great beds to rest on.

So, as I reach the end of my stay here, hopefully later rather than sooner, I won’t mind leaving, but will miss my mom and dad. They have been so kind and loving even when I pulled stuff off the counters, got into a stash of q-tips requiring a stay at the vet clinic for the day with the awful charcoal. This ended with my owners putting baby locks on the cabinets and even causing my sweet dog sitters, Gay and Cliff, to put me in a room with the door closed while they were gone. So, you see, I sort of did some naughty things there once, so that was it!

All of you that have a dog or cat, you are wonderful to share your love. I am sure the love you receive back is even greater. This I know, as I hear my parents tell me so.