Pet of The Month

Marge Mullman

Louie will be ten years old on August 6 of this year. He has always lived in PebbleCreek, but with two different mommies. His first mommy was my best friend, Rose Barry. She became very ill at the end of last year and passed away on December 15, 2017. Being we were such good friends, I got to know Louie quite well. He is a darling little yorkie with a mind of his own. Rose asked me that if anything should happen to her would I take care of Louie. I kept my word and now I am Louie’s new mommy.

Louie loves everyone, and everyone loves him. He has made many doggie friends such as Mattie, Buster, Marley, Smurf, and Maggie. They usually get together once a day to discuss what’s going on in their little world.

I lost my dog Tiger about three years ago. Louie came into my life and filled the gap that was missing. I was alone and Louie was alone. We were able to be happy together and be buddies to each other. I love him dearly.

Louie now lives on Snead Drive with me, Marge Mullman. If you go by and see us out, please stop and say hello. He is always happy to meet new friends and, by the way, so am I.