PebbleCreek Nurses Group breaks for summer

Dee-Dee Patrick

The Nurses Group of PebbleCreek held their last breakfast meeting in the Eagle’s Nest Dining Room alcove. Discussion included coverage plans for the summer monthly Blood Pressure Clinic, suggestions for upcoming topics for presentations by experts in those fields and plans for how we want to celebrate the first autumn gathering of our group.

The “BP Clinic” continues to be appreciated by the residents of PebbleCreek and we see many returning clients in addition to a few newcomers who have read about this service in the PC Post or on the e-group. One individual in our community shared that the nurse who took his blood pressure a while back noted that he had an irregular pulse which he was not aware of at the time. She encouraged him to see his primary care physician in the immediate future to obtain an evaluation and medical work-up. This resident thanked us as he underwent a cardiac intervention known as ablation shortly after being examined by his internist. We are so glad to hear that we were able to assess an arrythmia and recommend that this resident consult with his physician.

Just a quick reminder that the BP Clinic is only open on the last Thursday of each month during the summer season (June through October). During these months reminders will continue to be sent via the PC e-group on the mornings of clinic. The Nurses Group of PebbleCreek wants to thank the residents of our community for supporting our complimentary service and coming in to get your blood pressure and pulse taken.

If you are a nurse (RN or LPN), retired or active, come join us at a breakfast meeting. It is an opportunity to socialize, meet individuals with similar backgrounds and listen to an informative presentation (during the months of November through May). The topics in the past have ranged from options in home health care, the benefits of physical therapy and differentiating between depression and dementia to specific diagnostic categories and the latest surgical interventions/medical treatments. No membership fees; just good networking and camaraderie. Meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. During the summer season (June through October) call Norma Ulivo at 623-535-3962 or contact her at for more information. Otherwise, feel free to contact the club president, Dee-Dee Patrick, at 708-494-0008 or via email at