PebbleCreek Election Committee named 2017 Volunteer of the Year

Susan Knox Wilson

“It’s not often that an entire committee is named Volunteer of the Year,” noted PebbleCreek HOA Board member Bob Parks, ”but this is a very special committee of volunteers and we owe them all, equally, a huge debt of thanks for their contribution to our community.”

The 2017 Election Committee worked tirelessly to bring electronic voting to PebbleCreek for the first time in the history of the community and the results of their efforts were truly astounding. Of the 4246 eligible voters in our database, 2167 voted electronically, with another 141 using paper ballots, accounting for an incredible 54.09% turnout – more than double the 20% turnout for the 2016 election.

HOA Board President, Jack Sarsam, echoed Bob’s praise for the Election Committee, adding that the turnout for the 2017 PebbleCreek elections was unprecedented in any other Robson community.

“Under the exceptional leadership of Gordon Seaman, the Election Committee worked incredible hours and delivered outstanding results,” praised Parks. “They took us from paper and pencil into the electronic age. It was a total team effort and we thank them all.”