New Online Tickets Sales For Performing Arts Club

After PC Players successfully piloted an online ticketing system last year, the Performing Arts Council, consisting of our four performing arts groups, decided to expand the system to the other clubs. That means that tickets for this fall’s productions of ShowTime’s Back to Nashville and PC Singers’ Holiday Concert will join Player’s The Game’s Afoot online. PC Musicians will then follow with their spring concert; however, two important changes have been made.

The first is the adding of a service fee to tickets sold online. If you were to purchase a ticket online for the next production at the Gammage Theater, you would pay the basic ticket price plus $22 as a service fee and $4 for the convenience of printing your own e-ticket. The Performing Arts Council decided to add a $1.50 service fee for each $15 ticket sold online. Those who choose to buy their tickets in person in the theater or at the kiosk would not be charged this fee.

Why is this necessary? Last year Players paid a fee for each ticket sold. In addition, their bank charged a percentage for use of credit cards plus a separate fee for each transaction. ShowTime has estimated that Back to Nashville could end up with over $3,000 in fees. So why not just charge all credit card users; even those who purchase in person. The simple answer is that banking regulations prevent such a charge and our system will not allow it. Thus, it is just online customers who will be charged.

The second change involves how residents can access the ticket systems. Last year customers went to the Players website to find the link to purchasing tickets. This fall it was decided to put the links for each club in one place – the HOA website ( Simply login to the site, click on THINGS TO DO and scroll down to TICKET SALES. Clicking here will bring up a page where you can purchase tickets from the Activity Office as well as each performing arts club. If you want a more detailed description of each production as well as information about in person sales, click on the club name below the purchase link.

If you go to the HOA website without logging in, you will not see the TICKET SALES or CLUBS options. For those of you who have not yet registered with the HOA website, your choices are either to get a login (easy for all homeowners.) or purchase your tickets in person.

For further information you may contact Players’ Jon Lindstrom (, ShowTime’s Chanca Morrell ( or Singer’s Walt Kalb (