Men’s Bible Study to Focus on the Study of the Prophetic Book of Revelation

Tom Chapman

The Bible Study is a function of the Men’s Christian Fellowship of PebbleCreek (MCFPC). It meets weekly on Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. in the Chianti South at the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse.

The group has been focused on “End Times Prophecy,” having completed a series of series of the Old Testament’s minor prophets. The class has now turned to the New Testament’s only prophetic book, the Book of Revelation. Of the 22 chapters of the book, 18 pertain to a period of time known as “The Tribulation.” By looking carefully at Revelation through the lens of normal interpretation, the book can be seen as describing literal and historical events, many of which were predicted in the Old Testament. While much of this book is written in symbolic language, we must remember that these are symbols of realities that cannot be spiritualized and dismissed as non-literal events.

If you are interested and desire to learn more of this summary of the entire Word of God and the “End of the Age,” please come and join our class. We have a great time of learning through God’s Word, enjoying enlightening discussions, and exciting fellowship.

For more information, contact one of our teachers, Tom Chapman at 623-536-5180 or Neil Smith at 626-392-1712.