Hiking Club Diary

Pete Williams

On March 8, 20 members and two guests from the PebbleCreek Hiking Club did a hike on the Roadrunner trail along the shore of Lake Pleasant. With the Lake at over 85 percent full, this hike was really close to the water. On the hike that day were Dave Schuldt, Scott Phillips, Bob Gilman, Ron Grove, Yuko and Doug Jamiolkowski, Fred and Sandy Nix, Margi and Jim Swanson, Lorrie Rohler, Carol Rice, Cindy Boyce, Nancy and Steve Lubrick, Art Solorio, Wayne and Cathy Wills, Gary Baker, David Geurden, Neil Smith and Hal King. Cathy Wills was hike leader and Doug Jamiolkowski was the photographer. The club’s regular season is mid-September until the first Friday in May and there are hikes six days a week at three levels. For more information, please visit our website at pchikers.org.

Lynn Warren

Because of popular demand for overnight trips, the hiking club divided into two groups for a recent three-day overnight trip. On February 27, the first group headed to Tucson only to encounter a rare spring snow. What a difference a week makes! The following week, the second group was treated to three days of hiking in beautiful weather and finished with a flourish with a hike to Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon, a beautiful and extremely popular hiking area on the outskirts of Tucson. At the falls, the hikers paused to congratulate Nadine for reaching 1,000 miles, an important milestone. The hiking club enjoys interesting hikes all around the valley as well as a few overnight adventures such as this; visit the club website at pchikers.org for more information and photos.