FFF goes uptown

We love to bowl and eat!

We love to bowl and eat!

George Warden

Flair Friendship Fun Club went to the Uptown Alley in Surprise to bowl and eat. Many of our guest and members enjoy this event because we can bowl and eat at the same time.

Surprisingly, the food at Uptown is very good and the portions are great. The menu selections are wide and varied. There is something for everyone. Most of us took half of our food home because the portions were generous.

The bowling was pretty good. A few of our members brought their own bowling ball and shoes. The rest of us rented shoes with our special discount senior card that gave us reduced prices on bowling, shoe rental and food.

This event has become very popular with our members and their guests. We will do this again in the future.

If you would like to join us for future events, contact us at fffsocialclub@yahoo.com for our Calendar of Events for the month.