Expressions Gallery closed for refurbishment

Sherry Blatner

There are some key dates to be aware of in July regarding the entire Creative Arts Center, including the Expressions Gallery.

Plan your shopping junkets for the first week of July only, with a time-out for the usual Fourth of July holiday celebration.

Both the Gallery and the Center will be closed from July 8 through July 31; completely closed. Access to the building will be totally restricted during those dates. There will be no club meetings, classes, use of equipment or sales for that three-week period.

Artisans, you must pick up all of your inventoried items on July 9, July 10 or by noon on July 11. Sherrie and Cheryl will be available on those dates to work with you to officially pull all items from inventory. All means personal items in the Gallery and those in club showcase windows. We need to be bare to the bones for a complete repainting and deep cleaning. Dates to place new items in the Gallery for the August reopening are pending. An email will be sent to all vendors providing further details in late July.

Meanwhile, before the shelves are empty—shop! Send the artisans off with a bang. There’s still time to buy gift items, indulgent items, grandchild stuff, a neighborly thank-you and a whole lot of stuff for which you don’t need an excuse. Everything is made by PC residents and priced to sell.

Plan and purchase jewelry for summer get-togethers, hostess gifts including useful and decorative items, books for long summer days and bookmarks to hold your place. Finish your décor with a scenic wall hanging in oil, watercolor, or color pencil to soothe you during our hot summer days and nights. Decorate yourself with beach ware (pool ware?) including totes, pouches, sunglass chains, visors and ponytail grabbers.

July is the perfect time for artisans to replenish their stock and for newer artisans to plan to join the Gallery as a vendor. Everyone is encouraged to put their toe in the water as their skills improve and showcase new items for all to enjoy!

Looking forward to the new look in the Creative Arts Center and the new selection of crafts on display come August 1. In the meantime, lights out!